General FAQ

What is XZIMG Augmented Vision?

XZIMG Augmented Vision (aka. Magic Face) is a proprietary Software that offers computer vision functionalities to recognize and track objects and images in video streams. Augmented Vision is provided as a Unity plugin or as a SDK (on request) which can be used to creaate multi-platform AR experiences. It offers deep-learning / AI based state-of-the-art functionalities including live face replacement, face detection, face tracking, body parts tracking, 3D objects tracking, etc.

Which Unity version are you supporting?

Unity3d updates frequently and it is sometimes hard to support every release. We always recommend to use the last stable version of Unity because we are working our best to be compatible with it.

Can we play Augmented Reality in web browsers?

XZIMG Augmented Vision now support HTML5 build through using internal SDK platform. Our SDK works seemlessly on most platform, including mobile browsers. Note that only WebRTC compliant browsers can open the video capture device.

Can I develop a Native App without Unity?

We developed dedicated solutions to create native applications through our native SDK, please contact us to know more.

What is the trial version for evaluation?

The trial version for evaluation is a protected version of the Software. The goal of the trial version is to allow our potential customers to try extensively our solution before deciding to purchase the professional version. Using the trial version, you can evaluate the quality of our AI engines, integrate our solution to your projects and demonstrate to your client before purchase.

Where can I find older versions of Augmented Face, and Augmented Vision?

Several of our older solutions have been discontinued as they were not relevant and required increasing maintenance. If you have recently purchased the solution and wish to access them, please contact us.

Can you summarize the Software License Agreement in simple comprehensive terms?

When purchasing the professional version of XZIMG software, the SLA provides to your company the rights for deploying commercial experiences. You can create as much experiences as needed for a fixed period of one year. Kindly note that you are not allowed to develop a competing product, or SaaS, PaaS platform (see our SLA for more details). The professional version grants you the benefit of upgrades (including OS related updates, bug fixes and updated functionalities) for a period of one year; all of them made available through XZIMG website.

Can you implement specific features I need?

Yes, we can provide services based on our computer vision library. Send us a message for a quotation.

Technical FAQ

Is it possible to use HD streams from a video capture card?

You can use the AVPro Live Camera plugin and push the camera feed to the XZIMG plugin.

Can I use Microsoft Kinect (V2) camera with XZIMG products?

You can use kinect RGBA image capture functions provided in the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 in order to capture camera frames. Then you can pass thoses frames to XZIMG plugins by modifying the main update function and the GetData() accessor.