General FAQ

What is XZIMG Augmented Vision?

XZIMG Augmented Vision is a proprietary Software that offers computer vision functionalities to recognize and track markers and images in video streams. XZIMG Augmented Vision is provided as a Unity plugin. Experiences you create can be deployed on mobile phones and Windows platforms.

What is XZIMG Augmented Face?

XZIMG Augmented Face is a proprietary Software that offers computer vision functionalities to recognize and track human faces in video streams. XZIMG Augmented Face is provided as a Unity plugin. Experiences you create can be deployed on mobile phones and Windows platforms. XAF also provides a solution for flash through FlashDevelop.

What is XZIMG Magic Face?

XZIMG Magic Face is a proprietary Software that offers non-rigid (deformable) face tracking capabilities. This software is a complete refactorization of XZIMG Augmented Face and can be adapted to offer state-of-the-art functionalities (live face replacement, face detection on pictures, face tracking, face diagnostics...)

Which Unity version are you supporting?

Unity3d is updated relatively frequently making it difficult to support every release. It is particularly difficult because Unity Shader engine has changed frequently in previous releases. It is then recommended to use the last availalble version of Unity because we are always doing our best to be compatible with it. This is particularly true if you wish to use Android and WebGL components of the plugin.

Can we play Augmented Reality in web browsers?

XZIMG Magic Face, XZIMG Augmented Face and XZIMG Augmented Vision now support HTML5 build through Unity. Only WebRTC compliant browsers can open the video capture device. Unity WebGL player cannot play in Mobile browsers, if you need our technology to work on Mobile browsers, we might have a solution for you!

Can I develop a Native App without Unity?

We developped custom solutions dedicated to create native applications, please contact us to know more.

What is the trial version for evaluation?

The free version for evaluation is a protected version of the professional software. The goal of the free version is to let our customers to try-out our solutions before purchasing it. With the free version, you can evaluate the quality of the computer vision features, integrate the solution to your projects and visit your client to present a demonstration.

Can you summarize the Software License Agreement in simple comprehensive terms?

When purchasing the professional version of XZIMG software, the SLA provides to your company the rights for deploying commercial experiences. You can create as much experiences as needed for fixed a period of one year. You are not allowed to develop a competing product (see our SLA for more details). The professional version gives you the benefit of upgrades (including OS related updates, bug fixes and available new features) and support for a period of one year through XZIMG website.

Is it mandatory to use Unity with XZIMG Solutions?

No, it is not mandatory to use Unity. However, it is recommended since specific scripts and scenes have been implemented for Unity. If you wish to integrate XZIMG Solutions into another third-party rendering Software, you will have to link XZIMG libraries to your solution and call the provided API functions.

Is it possible to build MACOS applications?

No, we do not deliver support for building MACOS applications. We found that it is too painful to support video capture on MACOS, so we decided not to (officially) provide this feature. However, you can use MACOS to design applications for iOS, and if you are lucky, your camera might be correctly handeled by Unity on a MAC.

Can you implement specific features I need?

Yes, we can provide services based on our computer vision library. Send us a message for a quotation.

Technical FAQ

Is it possible to use HD streams from a video capture card?

You can use the AVPro Live Camera plugin and push the camera feed to the XZIMG plugin.

Can I use Microsoft Kinect (V2) camera with XZIMG products?

You can use kinect RGBA image capture functions provided in the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 in order to capture camera frames. Then you can pass thoses frames to XZIMG plugins by modifying the main update function and the GetData() accessor.