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Magic Face

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Augmented Vision

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Augmented Face

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Design Snapchat Face Filters using AI for Mobiles, Desktop and HTML5

Recognize and Augment your Images with Unity as in Vuforia

Detect Faces for Augmented Reality Try-on Applications

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Head Gear

ATC Tattoo

Mirror Mirror is an addictive and successful experience everyone loves to play with. This iOS / Android app uses our magic face engine to enable users to morph their face into their favorite characters.

Impressive Augmented Reality experience enabled thanks to our real-time face tracking engine and 3D overlays! You can share special effects videos and photos with your friends.

A very addictive AR experience to try-out in real-time the most incredible tattoos made by the best professionals in town. This project is a great example of how to turn your app into a piece of art!