XZIMG Augmented Vision (aka Magic Face)

Augmented Vision provides deformable body parts tracking (face, hair, foot, body trunk, etc.) and object detection (cars, bottles, toys, etc.) to create amazing AR experiences. Our solution is robust, real-time, cross-platform and let you design a wide range of scenarii: face replacement, virtual make-up, virtual try-on, brand marketing.

Created experiences can be deployed on Desktop (Windows, OSX), Mobiles (iOS, Android) with our Unity plugin; and HTML5/WebGL using our web SDK. It embeds state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to segment, analyse and augment face and body.

Trial version - Free

  • Test our solution, prepare your APP before purchasing
  • Ideal tool for body augmentations (make-up, virtual try-on, etc.)
  • Deploy on Mobile (iOS and Android) with our Unity plugin
  • Deploy on MS Windows and MAC OSX with our Unity plugin
  • Deploy on HTML5 with XZIMG Web SDK
  • Minimum memory and CPU footprint
  • Online FAQ and documentations

Professional version

  • Includes available features from the trial version
  • Additional features for body parts tracking (foot, wrist, neck, body trunk)
  • Additional features for 3D objects tracking (cars, toys, bottles, etc.)
  • Create commercial experiences with our Unity plugin
  • Create commercial experiences with our WebGL SDK
  • Specific support options